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Mudcube Colour Sphere

Mudcube colour wheel

A handy colour resource for designers, it not only provides the hex numbers for each colour; it also helps you to build up a colour scheme from one chosen shade.


Coolors work screen

A great little colour web app. You can pick a random palette by pressing the space bar - then refine it with the settings and finally export it in various formats.

Color Lovers

Colour Lovers profile pager

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Adobe Color CC

Adobe color CC colour wheel

With Color CC (formerly Kuler) you can experiment quickly with different colour variations and browse through thousands of themes from the Creative Cloud community.

Color Hunter

Colour hunter home page

A useful colour tool if you can't find a particular colour. Find an image that you like the look of and then enter it into Color Hunter; the tool will create a palette from your chosen image.


Colrd profile page

Colrd works in a social way, similar to Color Lovers – you can share your colour inspirations with the rest of the world using images, schemes, palettes and individual colours.

Color Matters

Color matters site

If you're confused about any aspect of colour theory, then you're more than likely to find an answer over at Color Matters.


Paletton's colour wheel

Paletton, formerly known as Color Scheme Designer, is a simple but effective site, which allows you to create colour schemes, randomise palettes when you're clean out of ideas, check for different kinds of colour blindness and export in various different formats.

Color Hunt

Colorhunt's palette samples

Color Hunt is a Product Hunt style website for, well, colors. Easily peruse a seemingly unending list of palettes, view, and favorite standout schemes for later.

Color by Hailpixel

Hailpixel's full-screen interface

A unique, cursor based interface offers a new and entertaining method of generating palettes. Mouse around to change hue and lightness, scroll to adjust saturation

Colour Code

ColourCode's full-screen interface

Building on the same cursor based interface of the previous site, Colour Code lets you generate harmonies in addition to creating palettes, with export formats in SCSS, LESS and PNG.'s homepage

If you're looking for a straightforward site that does it all, check out Colr, which can generate color palettes from a random image using Flickr (or upload your own), search over 17K color schemes and match words based on their color relativity.

Material Palette

Material palette's 19 colours

With just 19 initial colours to choose from, and only being able to choose two at a time, you'd think that you would grow tired of this palette generator quite quickly. But there is something satisfying about this minimal approach - and it produces some excellent results.

147 Colors

Colours by name

This is a tool built to help web designers and developers learn the 147 CSS color names that are available today. The 147 Colors consist of 17 standard plus 130 more. The 17 standard colors are: aqua, black, blue, fuchsia, gray, grey, green, lime, maroon, navy, olive, purple, red, silver, teal, white and yellow.

The hexual site

A novel way of discovering and remembering hex colour values - simply read the code as a word and remember them by name. So: #bedded = Bedded, #cab1e5 = Cables, #f0bbed = Fobbed - You get the picture.

Color Hexa

Mudcube colour wheel is a free color tool providing information about any color and generating matching color palettes for your designs (such as complementary, analogous, triadic, tetradic or monochromatic colors schemes).

Color Favs

Colour favs homepage

Web designers, graphic designers, illustrators, icon artists, typographers, logo designers, and other creatives need just the right colors for their projects. With the right palette, your project could be beautiful. Without it, it will always feel like it's missing something. ColorFavs makes it easy for you to create and discover palettes and colors for all of your design needs.

4096 Color Wheel

4096 Color Wheel homepage

A simple and uncluttered colour palette generator in which you can locate web-safe and web-smat colours. Hover over the wheel to view colors. Click to choose a web-smart color. Reload to clear. Simple.


six colours make up the ColorBlender palette

ColorBlender is a web-based tool for creating color palettes (here referred to as "blends") for web design and other types of digital design. The main feature of the tool is to have a complete "blend" of 6 matching colors created when choosing only one "base" color.

Accessibility Color Wheel

Text & Background colours for accessibility

Choose a foreground color by pointing the mouse over the wheel or the vertical grey gradation strip and click or, if you have a touch screen, just touch them. Then click the "Background" button and choose a background color the same way. If a checkmark becomes visible the color pair is good for accessibility.

Material Color Picker

The CSS colour picker

You'll need to know a little CSS to implement this colour picker: Add <link rel=\"stylesheet\" href=\"//"> or @import url(; Then add classes to anything and add classes with the format [color][tag], i.e red500 & deeporange700

Check my Colours

a colour accessability tool

This web designer's tool 'Check my Colours' is designed to check foreground and background colour combinations of all DOM elements, to determine if they provide sufficient contrast when viewed by someone having colour deficits.


Another colour palette generator

With Colllor it is much easier to generate a consistent web color palette with just a few clicks. You should use colors consistently, so you have a common look and feel throughout your design. All the alternative proposals produced by Colllor derive from the same color and they all have a common denominator sharing hue, lightness or saturation values.

Web Safe Colors

A full list of web-safe colours

The color chart lists the 216 web safe colors (as per the informal web safe colors standard). The respective hex color code and rgb color code are displayed over each color swatch.